Cruise Regions

Africa is a a huge continent with a 70,000 mile coastline - explore its people and amazing wildlife. Find out more
Alaska & Bering Sea
Alaskan whales travel waters surrounded by glaciers, bears roam the land, salmon swim the rivers and eagles soar overhead. Find out more
Antarctic fantastic natural beauty hosts an abundant wildlife in one of the most forbidding places on earth. Find out more
Arctic & Greenland
The Arctic roof of the world starts north of the Arctic circle and yet here you will find lands with spectacular coastal fjords, glaciers and ice flows and abounding with wildlife. Find out more
Atlantic Islands
Atlantic Islands comprise the Canaries, Madeira, Azores and Cape Verde Islands - beach resorts, volcanoes, rugged scenery and even desert - all off the west coast of Africa. Find out more
Australasia features the rugged islands of New Zealand, the diversity of Australia, the jungles of Papua New Guinea and tropical Indonesia (Bali). Find out more
Black Sea/Med
From the Black Sea experience the different cultures of eastern block countries like Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine or explore the north coast of Turkey. Find out more
Caribbean warm seas wash the beaches of hundreds of beautiful vibrant islands and the cultural influences of Europe, Africa and Latin America. Find out more
East US/Canada
Eastcoast USA hosts the warm seas of Bermuda, the Autumn colours of New England and Canada and the battlefields of Colonial USA. Find out more
Far East
Far East is exotic Asia - from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia in the south through the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and China to Korea and Japan in the north. Find out more
Great Lakes
The Great Lakes offer five huge waterways in the centre of North America that played a central role in the colonisation and development of North America. Find out more
Indian Ocean
The Indian Ocean offers cruising along the coasts of Arabia, India, Sri Lanka and on to Singapore or exploring the coral atolls of the Maldives and Seychelles. Find out more
The Mediterranean is the Cradle of Civilisation with summer sun, glamourous resorts, historic cities and idyllic islands. Find out more
North Europe
Northern Europe has the medieval cities of the Baltic Sea, the dramatic Norwegian Fjords, the historic cities and islands of Western Europe and the volcanoes of Iceland. Find out more
North Europe/Med
Western Europe's historic cities to the glamourous resorts, and idyllic islands of the Mediterranean. Find out more
The Pacific Ocean is vast and home to Hawaii and the South Sea Islands - a Polynesian welcome, great beaches, reefs and waving palm trees. Find out more
Panama Canal
The Panama Canal is one of the wonders of the modern world - cruise up and over Central America between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Find out more
South America
South America offers an incredible mix of ancient civilisations, unique islands, colonial history, dramatic fjords and mountains, vibrant cities and tropical rivers and rainforest. Find out more
Transatlantic cruises could be for you if you like lots of days at sea. Find out more
West US/Mexico
The Mexican Riviera or California coast for fun, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest or whales and exotic jungles further south. Find out more
The World Cruise - The classic cruise experience, circling the globe to explore new regions. Find out more