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Explore remote areas with an Adventures Cruise

Cruises now offer more adventure with cruising under sail and itineraries in the remoter parts of the world. Most cruises are on smaller ships able to sail where the larger ships cannot go, many have sports platforms from which to swim, kayak or launch inflatables to get closer to the action.

Soft Adventure Cruising
Larger and more luxurious cruise ships now visit the Arctic and Antarctica to view the incredible landscapes in comfort.  Smaller up-close ships also offer a more detailed exploration of less harsh regions like Alaska and Mexico and the opportunity to snorkel and dive the reefs and islands of the Indian Ocean and Pacific.

Expedition Cruising
If all that's not tough enough, try an expedition cruise around the Arctic, Antarctica or the Galapagos Islands. Typically, an expedition cruise will visit more remote and inhospitable areas and feature excursions ashore aboard Zodiacs. Experts in geology, botany and wildlife accompany passengers ashore and lead guided walks

Tall Ship Sailing
If you want to cruise under sail onboard a many masted tall ship, you have the choice of authentic sailing ships, modern replicas or the latest modern cruise-sail ships. The vessels are small by cruise line standards so the facilities onboard are limited but you will have the unique combination of sailing tradition with cruise ship comforts.

Other Adventures Cruise

  • Antarctica Adventures Cruise
    Here you will find fantastic natural beauty and abundant wildlife in one of the most forbidding places on earth. You can explore this incredible landscape up close on an expedition cruise or from the comfort of a larger  ship.
  • Australasia Adventures Cruise
    Explore the coastline of this massive continent or wonder at the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Alaska & Bering Sea Adventures Cruise
    Alaska is an ideal area for in close exploring by ship  - forested islands, waterfalls and calving glaciers. Further east and north, few get to explore the Alaskan Peninsula and the Bering Sea where you find the Aleutian Islands and the Eskimo settlements of the Russian Far East.
  • Arctic & Greenland Adventures Cruise
    Explore lands abounding with wildlife, spectacular coastal fjords, glaciers and ice flows. You can visit the northern coast of Norway and Russia, the islands of Svalbard, the ice-fields of the Greenland coast or Baffin Island and even risk the Northwest Passage around the top of Canada.
  • Indian Ocean Adventures Cruise
    Visit the remote and rarely visited atolls and the islands off the African coast, abounding with wildlife.
  • Pacific Adventures Cruise
    The numerous and sometimes mountainous Pacific Islands of French Polynesia and Micronesia are little explored and offer fabulous diving and snorkelling opportunities.
  • South America Adventures Cruise
    In South America you can explore the Galapagos Islands to view some of the most extraordinary wildlife on earth, the Chilean Lake District and cruise the Chilean Fjords and Straits of Magellan.
  • West US/Mexico Adventures Cruise
    Visit the tiny islands the Sea of Cortez, watch the whales off the coast of Baja California or explore the exotic jungles of Costa Rica and Panama.